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All the materials to protect your precious products in transit and storage.

What is the Difference between Stretch Wrap & Shrink Wrap?

Most people incorrectly call Stretch Wrap Shrink Wrap! They are as similar as a Car is to a Truck!

It is also called Pallet Wrap and sometimes Cling Wrap. Both these are acceptable and we will know what you want.

Shrink Wrap (Film) is a product that is wrapped around a product then heated either with a Heat Gun or a Heat Tunnel to shrink the film to provide protection and handling. 

Stretchwrap is a product that is unrolled around a pallet or product with a stretching action to hold products for transport. 

What is the difference between Blown pallet wrap and Cast pallet wrap?

Blown and Cast stretch wraps are made very differently which gives each film unique properties.

Advantages of cast wrap

  • Silent to apply – reduces workplace noise
  • High clarity – allows for barcodes to be scanned through film

Advantages of blown wrap

  • Hi-tack – sticky on the inside to hold goods
  • Extremely strong – puncture and tear resistant
  • Stretchable in both directions
What other pallet wrap options are available?

Whilst there are other products out in the marketplace, we do not profess to sell them all. We specialize in Cast & Blown Stretchwrap in Clear and Black. 

Are there accessories to make Pallet Wrapping easier?

Hand stretch films are designed to be applied by a person walking around a pallet. The rolls of wrap can be used without accessories. Each carton comes with a small plastic guide to make use easier. There is a better option available to make the process easier.

Stretchwrap Dispensers offer handles with rubber grip and adjustable tension. These are ideal for improving Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) as they reduce the strain on hands and back from continuous bending and twisting. There are some techniques involved to get the most from a roll. If you would like to learn how to get more milage from your Stretchwrap please call our office to arrange a Salesperson to call in to see you.

What is the difference between HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a higher molecular PE, it is slightly milky moderately stiff plastic.  It is usually used for thin carry bags like singlet bags and thick heavy duty woven plastic bags.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is slightly softer but clearer material and primarily used for film and shopping bag, magazine wrapping, bread bags and press seal bags, and when made white for higher quality shopping bags.

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) is like LDPE, but has more tensile strength so is used for stretch wrap, garment packaging, agricultural mulch film.

What does UM mean?

UM is basically the thickness of the film. The official measure of thickness for stretch film is called micrometer, otherwise known UM. For example, 500mm x 375m x 23um means that the film is 23 Microns in thickness. 

What is the purpose of Stretchwrap?

Stretch Wrap, (Pallet wrap), is a type of plastic film that is highly stretchable used in the packaging and shipping of items. It secures loads onto pallets to ensure stability during transport and storage.

Is thicker Stretch Wrap better than thinner Stretch Wrap?

Thicker is not always better. It usually depends on the weight of the products you are palletizing but also on the shape of the product and, also, on the skill level of the staff.

Long term users of yesteryear Stretchwrap that were lower in quality may still be using thicker Stretchwrap to make up for that low quality without realising newer methods of manufacturing and higher quality allow them to use a thinner Stretchwrap. Thinner wrap is cheaper per metre as you get more wrap on a roll that weighs the same.

The experience of workers applying stretch film is also a contributor to the effectiveness of the material. Knowing how much tension to apply is a skill not just a task.

If this is the first time you are using and applying stretch films, it might be worth calling into our warehouse or calling our office to arrange a Salesperson to give your staff some training.

Is hand wrapping cheaper than machine wrapping?

Whilst Machine Wrap is slightly cheaper per metre than Hand Wrap there is also the consideration on the cost of the Stretch Wrap Machine! This question is not easy to answer as there are so many variables. How many pallets per day do you wrap? How much room do you have in your warehouse for the machine to sit? Do you want a Semi Auto or Full Auto Machine? 

Be wary of buying Secondhand Machines. Does it work? What warranty do you get? When was it last serviced? What service support will you get?

Hand wrapping is more labour intensive and prone to differing levels of competence in its use, but is can be used insitu and in multiply locations in your warehouse. It also requires less Forklift use. 

If you are in any doubt, please call our office to speak to one of our Salespeople to get expert advice. 

What is load containment?

Load containment is the ability of the pallet wrap to unitize the load and maintain the load’s integrity. You need a product that will hold your product on the pallet throughout its transport from you to your customer.

What coloured Stretchwraps do you have?

We have Black Cast which serves as a security wrap. This is ideal when shipping valuable or confidential goods that you don’t want prying eyes to see.