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Packaging, Warning, Masking, Filament, Strapping, Cloth, Double Sided, Foam, Duct & Dispensers for all of them.

Distributors for Stylus, Tesa & PPC.

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What types of Adhesive is on Tape?

There are 3 main types of adhesive for Packaging Tape: -

Economy Grade –Acrylic: Suitable for a variety of lightweight day to day sealing applications performed at temperatures between 10c and 40c. Not suitable for Recycled cardboard cartons

General Purpose Grade – Synthetic Rubber: Suitable for a variety of lightweight day to day sealing/bundling applications performed at temperature between 15c – 30c. Should not be used if product will be exposed to UV light.

Industrial Grade – Natural Rubber: Heavy Duty tape offering versatility and strength to take on the toughest, most demanding day to day sealing applications. Suitable for cold rooms to high Summer temps and resistant to UV light. May go yellow with age

Click here for a full glossary of types of Tapes & Adhesives

Can tape show identification information like a logo or message

We offer Custom Printed Tape in THREE specifications. Hotmelt Adhesive CP250, Synthetic Rubber Adhesive CP300 and Natural Rubber Adhesive CP350. Up to 3 colours allowed. Call our office to arrange a Salesperson to discuss your needs.

We also stock Standard Printed Tape such a Fragile, Top Load, Handle With care etc. 

Is there a shelf-life for tape?

Every tape has a shelf life. That period will determine how long the tape’s effectiveness is and if the bond will hold when applied to a carton or product. Storage is an important element to consider when buying tape. Hot, cold, dry, or wet climates can dramatically impact a tape’s performance if not stored properly. Also, it is crucial to know how long ago the tape was manufactured. If you purchase a tape manufactured over a year ago, and then proceed to store it for another year before use, then it could be far less effective than a more recently made tape.

Can tape be used for tamper-resistance?

Yes! We sell Security Tape that reveals if the package has been opened or attempted to be opened.